Social Aims

Al-Mushkah is a Dundee based social enterprise of multi-disciplinary expertise that offers professional training and translation services to public and private sectors. The core of our mission is to enhance community cohesion and social inclusion by enabling services to reach all isolated groups of ethnic minorities particularly the refugees.

Products & Services

Our services are – Training to public, private and third sector to increase their understanding of minority ethnic communities. Translation and Interpretation services for all sectors and people to reduce barriers to communication and ensure ethnic minorities have equal access to services. Consultation and training support to ethnic minority groups to promote their economic development, entrepreneurship and employability skills. Interactive activities and multicultural events to promote community cohesion and social inclusion of ethnic minorities.

Organisation:   Al Mushkah
Contact:   Dr Rana Abu Mounes
Address:   21 Blackness Street, Dundee, DD1 5LR
Telephone:   07446 907025