Cultural Diversity Training delivered by Al-Mushkah CIC

Working smarter with multicultural colleagues, customers, and clients.

-Do you sometimes struggle to understand why others think and act in ways different from your own?

-Would you like to learn how to improve your communication skills to work better with colleagues, customers, and clients from other cultures?

-Do you feel sometimes that what you say is understood in a different way to what you meant, especially from people of a different culture?

-Have you ever felt offended by the body language of someone from a different culture?

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then this training is best suited for you!

Course Description

Cultural differences can be a source of embarrassment, misunderstanding or taking offence, but they can also be a source of enjoyment and creativity. The aim of this workshop is to help participants reduce the likelihood of these negatives happening by showing how to become more aware of other cultures, perceptions, and behavioral norms in order to create a rapport quickly.

This half-day workshop is designed to give an understanding and appreciation of the issues of working with different cultures from our own, with special focus on the Middle East. It will help you understand and respect differences and move beyond them to achieve the desired goals. Cultural differences should never prevent you from meeting your goals or getting the job done! Understanding cultural differences will help you to be more creative in what you want to achieve.

This course will address vital areas such as the importance of cultural awareness, etiquette, communication, relationship building and traditions, as well as more complex topics such as religion, cross cultural attitudes, and language.

We’re looking for 3 organisations to trial our ” Cultural Diversity Training”. This course can be delivered at your own pace, in your own time… for FREE. All we ask is your honest feedback, and your review of the course.

Training Objectives

Our cultural diversity training will:

Increase participants’ cultural intelligence and appreciation of cultural differences.

Prepare people to work better with others of a different culture from their own.

Provide practical tips for managing cultural differences.

Improve communication skills.

Training outcomes

After our training, participants will be able to:

Explain why cultural intelligence is important.

Outline the significant cultural values to keep in mind when working in a multi-cultural context.

Recognise the key business values to respect when working with people from other cultures, particularly the Middle East.

Acquire tips and strategies for successful performance at your meetings and through your correspondence.

Understand variations in body language and paralanguage.

Understand how cultures view and use time.


Date & Time: January (to be negotiated)

Location: company-Specific / In-House

To register your interest please Contact

Dr Rana Abu-Mounes


Mobile: 07446907025