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Third Sector Resilience Fund Update

Third Sector Resilience Fund

Funding chart

We received the following update from Firstport on the second phase of TSRF, which will be helpful for anyone planning to apply / re-apply.

The Scottish Government today have committed additional resources to the third sector resilience fund and are implementing a transition to a phase 2 to better align it with wider support available. With that I am keen to give you a detailed update on what the Scottish Government’s phase 2 of TSRF looks like.

With phase 2, the Scottish Government have refined the focus of the fund to allow resources to reach a greater number organisations, focus on those at risk of immediate closure, and work better in conjunction with other Scottish Government and UK Government programmes.

Whist phase 2 guidance and FAQs are being published at the SCVO hub today, I would like to take this opportunity to unpack what phase 2 will look like and highlight the specific changes that come with it.

Firstly, TSRF is going to be working closer with the Just Enterprise programme to ensure the third sector develop robust strategies for dealing with COVID. This means in cases where organisations have underdeveloped plans, they will be directly referred to Just Enterprise for support to further develop their plan, and will be expected to engage with that support before re-applying.

Additionally, there are 5 main areas where phase 2 criteria are more focused than in phase 1.

Applicants must be at risk of not being able to cover essential costs within 12 weeks from date of application.
This relates directly to how applicants answer the “how long can you cover essential costs?” question in the application. If an applicant appears to have a discrepancy between how they answer this question and their unrestricted reserves, they will need to explain it in the
“more financial info” section.

The maximum grant amount awarded will be £75,000
This was previously £100,000

Funding requests must be for a three month period
This was previously 4 months.

Eligible costs include primarily overheads and essential staff (administrative for example) who cannot be furloughed
This is to allow the fund to focus primarily on essential costs (rent, insurance, admin staff, etc…). As a result, the fund is unlikely to support costs associate with programme delivery.
We will, however, continue to work with government to ensure applications that include significant and front line key work provision are passed to relevant teams within government, particularly where other directorates have resources to address. This has been done with a number of applications to date, but will have a specific pathway as we enter phase 2. Advice, however, is to for organisations delivering key frontline services to approach the relevant directorate in government directly.

All grant applications requesting £50,000 or more will be considered for a loan, grant, or blended award approach.
This means that all applicants for over £50,000 could be offered a grant, an interest free loan, or a combination of the two. They will not, however, be offered a loan unless they are able to service it.

As we enter phase 2, there will undoubtably be applications that get submitted who are not aware of the evolved programme. In these cases the process will be to not reject the application, but award for eligible costs in line with the new parameters. This means that a number of cases will now get less than they asked for, but will likely still be awarded if they met the overall criteria.

Investment Executive
Resilient Scotland’s JESSICA Fund


Covid 19 support summary

Useful summary of support from Business Gateway Edinburgh.

Covid-19 Business Support Summary as at 25-03-20


Dundee Partnership Update

During the past week, we’ve received numerous updates from services that have had to make changes due to the current coronavirus outbreak. I’ve compiled what I have into a single document – attached. I have also received information aimed specifically at people who use drugs, who may be particularly vulnerable at this time, and have attached a short information guide for them too.

I have also received the below information from Home Energy Scotland.

Please feel free to share any of the attached information with family, friends and colleagues. If they want to receive future updates directly, please ask them to email their details to If you also have information you wish to share, let us know at this email address too.

Hoping that you all remain safe throughout the current crisis.

Paul, Dundee Partnership

Dundee Partnership E-BulletinExtra-March2020     NHS advice for drug users COVID-19 advice


Home Energy Scotland

With so much to worry about at the moment please remember that if your clients are concerned about their energy bills, or how to stay warm at home, our telephone advisors are on hand with the latest information and advice from energy suppliers and the Scottish Government. This includes support for pre-payment meter customers and how they can top-up by post or other means.

Feel free to encourage them to call 0808 808 2282 for free and impartial advice.
While we can’t provide home visits at the moment, we can still work with you to help support your clients in whatever way we can. One way to get support through to them is by referring through our secure on line portal. If you’d like a refresher on how to refer, or you’re not already a portal user and would like us to set you up just drop us an email or give Laura or Diane a call.
Given the ever changing situation, we’ll be in touch over the coming weeks to see what you need from the partnership team but if you’ve any questions in the meantime please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Partnership Team – Laura, Diane and Lynn
Home Energy Scotland NE

Laura Head (Angus, Dundee and Perth & Kinross) – Tel 07896 525 471



Dundee & Angus Chamber of Commerce support

Business Support – COVID-19 Hub

The Dundee & Angus Chamber of Commerce Covid-19 Hub is an information & signposting service for ANY business looking to understand how the current situation impacts them, their staff and their future.
At this time, we’re making no distinction between a member or non-member business looking for our support.
To get our businesses and communities through this crisis will mean a partnership approach and there is no wrong door to helping a business access the support they need, or to see them survive.
There of course remain many membership services that are only accessible to our members and we will continue to use every avenue at our disposal to maintain our strong community and to be a trusted partner to businesses across Dundee & Angus.
We have closed our offices and all of our team are fully operational remotely in order to continue to bring you the core services that we operate:
• A close community of businesses who are stronger together
• Networking and sharing best practice
• Membership services such as free Chamber HR, Legal, Health & Safety advice, guidance and many templates
• International services – to help your goods and services reach overseas customers and support global trade
• Raise your profile – let us tell your good news stories
• Persuade & influence – we are working tirelessly to influence both national and local government to give every business the support they need
• Information – whether you need to understand how to access finance, programmes to support your people or signposting to the correct avenues for additional support
Please call us on 01382 228545 if we can help.
Anyone can access our online COVID-19 Hub, we’ll be keeping it as up to date as possible when we receive new information.
Alison Henderson, CEO
We’ve launched a twice-weekly webinar programme to give lots of business specific information, and ways for you to continue to engage with each other:
Coffee and cake networking webinars giving Chamber members the opportunity to discuss current business challenges, what support they require and the chance to see some familiar faces!
Hosted by a member of the DACC team members will have the option to ask questions to the network, all you have to do is bring your own coffee & cake!
And on Thursdays we’ll bring you a business relevant webinar to help answer questions you’ll have over remote working, accessing government support, cash flow & finance and much much more. Keep an eye out for Chamber virtual events here
The Chamber team have full access to our usual Direct Dial numbers, shown below for easy reference – we’re here to support you:
Alison Henderson 01382 443402
Sarah Young 01382 443430
Donna Bell 01382 443403
Ross Barty 01382 443421
Katie Preston 01382 443419
Keith Harvey 01382 443437
Vince Mitchell 01382 443405
Lynsey Christie 01382 443436
Vaso Makri 01382 443435
More contact information including details of who does what can be found here:
Meet the Team


Office Closure Statement

The DSEN offices are now closed due to the current situation however staff are working remotely and can be contacted by email anytime

The team are working remotely and will get back to you as soon as possible. We will continue to share any relevant information with our members and partners as its released.

We are closely monitoring a number of vital areas for our members which include –

1. The Retention Scheme and 80% contribution towards employees wages, this is only applicable to employees on your PAYE systems, and is only for a maximum of £2500 Per employee. The term used by the Chancellor on Friday when making this announcement was the term Furlough. This generally refers to a time when a company or business hits a crisis point and they need to lay staff off, however in Furlough they ask staff to take unpaid leave on the proviso that when the crisis is better the staff return to their jobs.

It is always based on a temporary basis. It should be noted that staff are required in the normal process to be served with a Furlough letter and the majority of the staff must accept the proposal. In this case the Government are saying they will make up 80% of the staff costs as above and if the organisations wishes to make up the 20% that is also great but that 20% won’t be paid back. If you do not have access to HR advice on this area we can help and may have a draft letter that can be used.

2. The Resilience Fund – again it is hoped this will fully roll out on Wednesday but at this time that has not been confirmed, advice will be that it is really for organisations who are experiencing cash flow issues and have little if any reserves to get them through at least the next few months. Once we have the exact detail we will publish this and again are on hand to support any members who need help.

3. Business Rates Relief etc – if you do have buildings this area should also be looked at as many of our members will pay no rates due to their charity status, grants are available depending on the size etc of the rateable value of the facility. Again we are seeking clarity on this area and this may be administered for smaller grants by Dundee City Council again we will update as soon as we have it.

4. Self employed status is perhaps the biggest issue and to date is still one that is ongoing. At present if you meet the criteria for Universal Credit you may receive the same rates as weekly Statutory Sick Pay to replace some lost income again it is worth checking if you meet that criteria by doing a quick on line assessment here –

Finally take the opportunity to speak to any and all the Creditors you have at the earliest opportunity they should in the main be sympathetic and even if you offer a little to help cash flow etc that is better to the creditor than no payment.

DSEN are here for all our members to provide FREE and important advice at this critical time so do not hesitate and email us ( with any questions.

We all hope you stay safe and well!