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Unlocking Potential Pilot


The U>P (Unlocking Potential) pilot has sought to provide a broader understanding of the impact being made by 4 Social Enterprise Networks (SENs) on their members and the wider social enterprise sector as well as the benefits the SENs can bring through demonstrating this impact. Over the course of 2017-2018 four SENs – Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Health – have participated in this impact evaluation pilot using the Unlocking Potential (U>P) as part of the Social Enterprise Action Plan (2F.5).
The Scottish Government is also committed “to support the extension of Scotland’s Social Enterprise Networks to every part of Scotland that wants one. These should develop as an important collective voice on key issues for the sector, establish an extended range of peer mentoring and peer-to-peer support, and facilitate further collaboration between social enterprises.” (Action 2C.1)



Final Unlocking Potential Report 2017-18

Final-UP SEN-Pilot-Report-2017-18



Meet the Buyer 2019

Tuesday 19 February 2019, 10am – 2pm at The Invercarse Hotel, Dundee.

Meet the buyer flyer_feb2019 final



How are Social Enterprises Using Design Thinking to Improve their Sustainability?

Commercial businesses recognise using design as an important factor in developing their competitiveness and sustainability. Various UK studies have examined the role and value of design in accelerating growth and sustainability of businesses as well as in developing of the public services.
However, there is still insufficient evidence to demonstrate what role design can play in the growth and sustainability of social enterprises. Particularly, there is a lack of study on how social enterprises are using design and what kinds of design support are existing for them in order to enhance their competitiveness and sustainability.
Hyejin Kwon is a research student and is carrying out a study into the use of design within social enterprises and is asking if you can support her studies by completing this short survey:
Questionnaire survey_UK
Completed surveys should be saved and emailed to Hyejin at
Brief of the research & survey



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