Office Closure Statement

The DSEN offices are now closed due to the current situation however staff are working remotely and can be contacted by email anytime

The team are working remotely and will get back to you as soon as possible. We will continue to share any relevant information with our members and partners as its released.

We are closely monitoring a number of vital areas for our members which include –

1. The Retention Scheme and 80% contribution towards employees wages, this is only applicable to employees on your PAYE systems, and is only for a maximum of £2500 Per employee. The term used by the Chancellor on Friday when making this announcement was the term Furlough. This generally refers to a time when a company or business hits a crisis point and they need to lay staff off, however in Furlough they ask staff to take unpaid leave on the proviso that when the crisis is better the staff return to their jobs.

It is always based on a temporary basis. It should be noted that staff are required in the normal process to be served with a Furlough letter and the majority of the staff must accept the proposal. In this case the Government are saying they will make up 80% of the staff costs as above and if the organisations wishes to make up the 20% that is also great but that 20% won’t be paid back. If you do not have access to HR advice on this area we can help and may have a draft letter that can be used.

2. The Resilience Fund – again it is hoped this will fully roll out on Wednesday but at this time that has not been confirmed, advice will be that it is really for organisations who are experiencing cash flow issues and have little if any reserves to get them through at least the next few months. Once we have the exact detail we will publish this and again are on hand to support any members who need help.

3. Business Rates Relief etc – if you do have buildings this area should also be looked at as many of our members will pay no rates due to their charity status, grants are available depending on the size etc of the rateable value of the facility. Again we are seeking clarity on this area and this may be administered for smaller grants by Dundee City Council again we will update as soon as we have it.

4. Self employed status is perhaps the biggest issue and to date is still one that is ongoing. At present if you meet the criteria for Universal Credit you may receive the same rates as weekly Statutory Sick Pay to replace some lost income again it is worth checking if you meet that criteria by doing a quick on line assessment here –

Finally take the opportunity to speak to any and all the Creditors you have at the earliest opportunity they should in the main be sympathetic and even if you offer a little to help cash flow etc that is better to the creditor than no payment.

DSEN are here for all our members to provide FREE and important advice at this critical time so do not hesitate and email us ( with any questions.

We all hope you stay safe and well!