Social Enterprise Strategy

Social Enterprise Strategy for Dundee 2019 – 2024

Dundee social entrepreneurs are passionate about what they do as well as the differences that they make within their communities. Whether that is through creating employment opportunities for people, providing a place to belong, assisting people out of poverty or finding a new home for unwanted items together the social enterprises of Dundee make a significant economic, social and environmental impact.
Social Enterprise is now a well-established business model in the City with Dundee Social Enterprise Network having surpassed its ten year anniversary. Despite this, we strive for the model to be better known and for it to be a favoured way of doing business where social as well as economic benefits are reaped.
This Strategy has been created through true partnership working. The priorities within the action plan were developed through consultation with social entrepreneurs and partners across the City and beyond. I am grateful to all those who have been involved in creating this significant publication. I look forward to seeing the achievements of the Strategy.
Derek Marshall

SE Strategy Final PDF